Oneohtrix Point Never, Ruined Lives c20

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Oneohtrix Point Never, Ruined Lives c20 album art

Hey, readers. With a whole slew of new tapes coming down the pipeline this week and poor me with no time to listen to them, I figured now was a good time to check the archives for something good. No worries, I have a gem here for you.

Way back in 2008, long before his work graced the hallowed halls of Pitchfork, Daniel Lopatin had just started pumping out releases under one of the more impossible to decipher monikers, Oneohtrix Point Never (one-oh-tricks point never, like a radio station). He was blending the new age, Klaus Schulze type synth textures with the 1980s love of technology and arpeggios. Thankfully, he's still doing it, but the Ruined Lives c20 still remains my favorite piece of work out of this project.

OPN can somehow make the spiritual side of kraut synth music work with the secular side of 80s nostalgia. This tape is perfect evidence of that. It remains my favorite new-age, new-age tape to date. While I strongly believe some need to admit that mass market 80s sucked, it is possible to create something new and progressive, even spiritual, through the lens of a throw-away culture. OPN does this better than 99% of groups out there on this release.

Visit Oneohtrix Point Never on the website and the Myspace.

Even though it's out of print, visit the label, Young Tapes

Since it's out of print, download the whole thing.