Orchid Tapes releases Boring Ecstasy fragrance

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orchid tapes fragrance

Orchid Tapes is known for being one of the kindest record labels around, but they may have just killed the game. After many, many inquiries about the wonderful smell on their Boring Ecstasy compilation, Orchid Tapes is releasing the fragrance it was sprayed with (just like department stores do).

The 1 fl. oz bottle contains five different essential oils, including white tea flower extract. As per Orchid Tapes tradition, each bottle will come with a thank you note, a logo-stamped tea bag, and guava candy. According to their approximation, each bottle lasts about 400 sprays.

If you would like to buy a bottle of Boring Ecstasy, Orchid Tapes will be making the fragrance on demand through their store.

In honor of the chance to smell like your favorite bedroom pop artists, here is a list of other musical (or in one case, celebrity) perfumes. Because there is no way in hell that we would travel to our nearest department store to sample this shit, we relied on Amazon reviews to aid you in your shopping experience.

Justin Bieber

In his brief 20 years on earth, the Bieb has three perfumes to his name: the promising Someday, the desired Girlfriend, and fan favorite, The Key. The Key's sleek packaging was “inspired by Justin's appreciation of cutting edge fashion and technology” while the symbolic key charm itself reminds his fans to always believe. The product description says the perfume is “energetic with a sexy splash of sparkling freshness, the luminous fruity musk fragrance awakens the sense with a burst of juicy fruits, while the heart blooms to unveil a bright bouquet of sheer florally. The creamy dry down blends sensual musks and exotic precious woods with decadent notes of vanilla that leave you dreaming for more.” The customer reviews are surprisingly normal, apparently The Key is the perfect fragrance for your 12 year old daughter. There is also a short film to accompany the scent!


I actually have personal experience with Beyonce's Heat Rush. My best friend's grandmother bought her a two-pack of sparkling body mist, and one of the scents was Heat Rush. The gift was conveniently pseudo-re-gifted into me because I am B's #1 fan. With a name like Heat Rush, It was kind of a weird gift from grandmother to granddaughter, but whatever. The fragrance is inspired by passion fruit sorbet blood orange and Brazilian cherry” (no commas). As one reviewer said, “It transports you immediately in your mind to a wild, tropical setting. I can't stop smelling it. If I were a guy I would say it reminds me of sex.”

Britney Spears

Do you remember the commercial for Britney's Fantasy fragrance? Just in case you don't, the concept was that “Once upon a time, there was a goddess (Britney) and a hunter (a chiseled dude).” He became obsessed with her and “there wasn't a single part of her he didn't want to touch. Although it is unclear if their love created Fantasy or if the goddess was just born with the smell, but either way, Fantasy is described as “a magic love potion of sweet temptation.” Perfect for the woman who is “seductive, charming, and elusive.” Like your daughter!

Khloe & Lamar

“There's something sexy about a couple sharing a scent. Soft yet powerful, strong but sensual. That perfect mix of masculine and feminine…One cannot exist without the other…The bond between two should is truly, unbreakable.” Made meer months before their divorce, Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odum's Unbreakable Bond wasn't strong enough to keep the couple together. This fragrance is the perfect gift for that special someone you want out of your life forever.