Sam & Cooke, Self-Titled EP

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Featuring nary a track that goes over the one-minute mark, Sam & Cooke's long-awaited followup to spotty self-releases here and there over the past few years, is by far its best output yet. It's so good, in fact, that it is forcing us to reconsider the well-curated and purposefully structured year-end lists we've been crafting to make room for a Barcelona band of friends whose propensity for the occasional Bandcamp bedroom recording—accompanied by lovely art and dual vocals—is entering into our psyche and shifting things around. Whether you've been waiting to find a band that perfectly encompasses five tracks with the ease of a mouse skittering through a carpeted room or you're trying to fill out your Beets-heavy garage-grunge catalog, Sam & Cooke is not far behind what you're looking for. The five-song EP, self-titled though it may be, speaks to a number of feelings and vibes, no matter if they're bedroom or basement, and you'll end up satiated and satisified.