An Albatross + The Apes + Coliseum at Two Cent Plain, St. Louis MO

Post Author: Nate Dorr

Night three of our return-from-Austin voyage found the Impose team glimpsing the gateway to the west through rain-streaked windows as we rolled up at local rock venue Two Cent Plain. It was the sort spot that could have been pretty much anywhere besides the local hardcore bands opening the bill (including the Relapse-signed Coliseum), and the fact that they had the previously undiscovered Stag beer in giant 24-ounce cans alongside PBR and Colt 45.

We’d caught headliners Genghis Tron and their high-octane light show at our departure from Brooklyn two and a half weeks before, and so didn’t stick around for them this time, but did get a chance to check out touring partners the Apes and An Albatross. To distinguish the night’s performances from the last we’d caught, the Apes’ keyboardist Amanda Kleinman began her set by donning a ski mask and weird voice filter to address the crowd. For their part, An Albatross singer Edward B. Gieda III didn’t get his set shut down for swinging from the ceiling piping like last time he played the Knitting Factory, but he did sprint out into the rainy street with a snare to bang out a final rhythm before the majority of the modest but attentive audience could follow.