Nate Dorr

The Symptoms (Laurie Anderson, Kid Millions, and Tony Diodore) at Market Hotel

The southeast shore of Staten Island

The shores of College Point

Domino Sugar Factory in 2007

Three days at Death by Audio

SXSW 2014 Preview

More People of SXSW 2013

Brooklyn to Austin

South by South West by Nate Dorr

The People of SXSW 2013

Night 1: Deniro Farrar, Jonwayne, Fat Tony, Milo and more

Alan Watts, Future Shuttle, Gem Trails, and more at Big Snow Buffalo Lodge

Ballet of Blood

Gulliver in Wonderland

Convulsive dreaming: The films of Peter Tscherkassky

Important Comics gets a book release

Adventures in Estonian Space Synth

Kayo Dot gracefully smash your windows

Impose Holiday Party Photos, 2010

DJ Dog Dick at PS1

Lost in the Funhausu

Night 1: Talk Normal, Prince Rama, Lower Dens

Kania Tieffer at Silent Barn

Lost in the Sensorium

The Architecture of Dreams

Test Patterns 17

Where America’s At

Shearing Pinx at Death By Audio

Summer face-plant with Ninjasonik, Liquor Store

Starring and Dan Friel ‘jam’ at Silent Barn

Woom and Shooting Spires at Death by Audio

Cover your ears, jazz

Bjork, Dave Longstreth, Tyondai Braxton

Lucky #13 with Weekends, Coasting, Pterodactyl, Xray Eyeballz, Birthdays

Chapter 4: Nara Sushi, Richmond VA

Chapter 1: Market Hotel, Brooklyn NY

Test Patterns with Aa, Liturgy, Dan Friel, Grasshopper

Mario Diaz de Leon's transfixing tumult of classical modernism

Cache's hand-sewn whispers and will-o'-the-wisps

Super Seaweed Sex Scandal

DJ Dog Dick

Pow Pow, another Beets iteration, reunite for a night

Extra Life and Teeth Mountain

Super Seaweed Sex Scandal and Doron Sadja & Mario Diaz de Leon duo

Abandoned Ship Guitar Burning Seance

Imposition 4: Famous Class

Imposition 3: Beets home, Smith Westerns away

Imposition 2: No Fun Productions

Pygmy Shrews + Nice Face at Old Made