Imposition 4: Famous Class

Post Author: , Nate Dorr

Did you know that Don Pedro's is a scrappy rock club only after it spends the day being an Ecuadorian restaurant? If you haven't been by to sample the caldo de bolas, then showing up at 3pm on a Saturday may have been your whiff of the merengue, tables cloths, and fake flowers that are the Hyde to Don Pedro's nightly Jekyl.

But the Famous Class-curated day party was bent on messing up this careful equilibrium for good, bringing in the drinking hordes by Future Islands 3:30pm set, and letting guitars and sentimental synth hooks reign supreme from Rifle Recoil through Boogie Boarding and Darling into Dinowalrus, and the late night Bikes in the Kitchen party that followed.

With Boogie Boarder, Dinowalrus, Jeff the Brotherhood, Darlings, Future Islands, Snakes Say Hisss, Tony Castles, Rifle Recoil, DJ Mr. A*OK.