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Delineate: To represent pictorially. I started this project with a self portrait using a ring light and then processed the photos to remove the flaws from the image. I liked the final product and then asked 11 others whose faces I found interesting to let me shine a bright light inches from their faces to create this series.

Dru is a research analyst, avid reader and an amazing quilter. I laugh a lot with her.

Elon James White is the founder and editor-in-chief of This Week in Blackness. He also produces and performs in various comedy shows. Once, he coerced me into shooting his head shots – I could never thank him enough.

Francesco Marciuliano writes the comic strip, Sally Forth, wrote several episodes of the award winning children's show, SeeMore's Playhouse, and appeared in the Hot Blogger calendar (2008). He is my very good friend.

Jen works in publishing, manages comedian Jon Lang and once her and I had an altercation with a homeless man when her boyfriend may or may not have broken his bottle of scotch.

Joe Garden writes for The Onion, drinks whiskey on Fridays and has created several interesting projects to force him to clean out his apartment. He is warm and funny and I always enjoy conversations with him.

Kristin is studying Pharmacy in Buffalo and likes to spend time with her friends when she's not doing schoolwork. She's my favorite person.

Marta DeLeon is pursuing a degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Music and had played in various indie rock bands for 10 years. She is often my late night train buddy and always my good friend.

Maryanne Ventrice — This is just me.

Roland Li is a New York-based journalist. He is a currently a reporter for Real Estate Weekly. He also writes about music on his blog,

Impose photographer Maryanne Ventrice shares with us her "Delineate" portrait set.