HoZac Blackout Fest 2013: Night 2

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On Friday, May 17th, HoZac Blackout Fest 2013 continued for its second night with performances from Unnatural Axe (of Boston, MA, performing their first ever show in Chicago and being on the receiving end of a not-so-successful protest), Tyvek (Detroit, MI), Eat Skull (Portland, OR), Make-Overs (Pretoria, South Africa) Buck Biloxi & The Fucks (New Orleans, LA) and Winter Bear (Milwaukee, WI) at the Empty Bottle. Despite all of the bands of the night putting on fantastic sets, Make-Overs were a highlight along with Unnatural Axe. During Unnatural Axe's set, singer/guitarist Rich Parsons fell from the stage with his guitar. Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt and the band resumed their set after a short break to re-stack the amps that fell down. Parsons retired his guitar playing duties for the rest of the night and thanked the good Christians in the audience for helping him (a not-so subtle jab at the Chicago church who didn't want them to play their town). They reminded me of another band from Boston called Mission of Burma: criminally overlooked by the masses during their time only to reunite decades later and prove they are (still) pretty amazing live.

By the way, Make-Overs are in the US for a couple of weeks. If they play a show near you, you should make the effort to see them perform.

Photos from the second night of this year's HoZac Blackout Festival are courtesy of Impose Photo Editor, Edwina Hay. Check out photos from the first, third and fourth nights that are available here, here and here.

Make-Overs, of South Africa, are in the US for a couple of weeks, go see ’em now & thank us later.