Million Hoodie March: A Rally for Trayvon Martin

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Trayvon Martin, an African-American teenager was shot and killed in Sanford, Florida on February 26. He was returning to the home of a family friend after going out to get candy and something to drink during the halftime period of a basketball game. George Zimmerman, a member of the local neighborhood watch, initially called 911 to report a suspicious person walking around which was Trayvon.

Zimmerman was told by the 911 dispatcher not to pursue this “suspicious person” and he did so anyway. Trayvon was deemed suspicious but was unarmed and wearing a hooded sweatshirt. Nearly a month after the shooting, George Zimmerman has yet to be charged with Martin's death. A public rally and march was held in New York's Union Square on Wednesday, March 21st to protest Trayvon's murder and rally for justice in his name. These are some of the images taken at that protest. Trayvon's heartbroken parents, who spoke at the rally, have created an online petition to prosecute Zimmerman in their son's death which can be found here.

Rallying in the streets to get the word out about Trayvon Martin.