Night Train Holiday Show and Dance Party at Littlefield

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On Monday, December 24th, the new-ish, weekly comedy show Night Train that is hosted by Wyatt Cenac (thankfully, it fills the Hot Tub-sized hole in our hearts) featured an amazing Christmas Eve lineup. People who were either Jewish or hated their families were treated to sets by Michael Che, Claudia Cogan, Jon Glaser (performing as “Beer Joe,” a man who wrote a song to the tune of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” called “Bros Just Wanna Watch Sports.” During his performance, he realizes he's a terrible father and left the stage in tears despite the efforts of Wyatt and Questlove), Janeane Garofalo, Hannibal Buress and David Cross. Before and after the show, there were sets by DJ Danny Glover (not the actor) and DJ Ted Leo (actually the musician). Tickets for the show were a steal…just $5. Before the show began, there were cookies and whiskey balls baked by the Night Train's producer, Marianne.

The next Night Train show is Monday, January 7th and more information can be found on the show's Facebook page.

For those of us who didn’t leave NYC for Christmas, we had comedians entertain us.