On the regular with Shamir in Europe

Shamir first got our attention in January 2014 when GODMODE records founder Nick Sylvester played one of his songs for us on the Audio Imposition. By the end of the year, he released a well received EP (Northtown), was signed to XL Recordings, turned 20 years old, and performed a few shows in Europe for the very first time. Before he departed the US for his December 2014 European tour, we delivered two disposable cameras for him to use however he wanted. In return, we received self portraits, candid photos of Shamir with various GODMODE musicians (members of Courtship Ritual, Fitness [Adam Moerder], Alan Watts, Soft Lit, and label co-founder Sylvester), photos of his residency at Brooklyn’s Silent Barn, shirts with important messages, hair tossing, and more.

We also interviewed Shamir in June 2014 and that discussion can be found here.

Globetrotting with the recent XL Recordings signee.