Silent Barn “reopening”

Post Author: Nate Dorr

Silent Barn was never really closed, but in reopening, it revealed new art, new furniture, and a newly remodeled basement. That basement, previously a pretty basic unfinished cement box, adorned only with a hole punched in the ceiling during the Death Set performance at an old Impose CMJ party, has been completely repainted and refitted, now sporting swirls of black and white abstraction set against sky blue walls (the hole remains).

New lights beam up from the floors, attracting the attention of one of the Barn cats. And for the month at least, a pair of art vending machines have joined the space: a dollar in one will get you a piece or original art from one of over twenty artists, in the other it’ll get you a set of pins cut from old Showpaper issues. All of this, basement installation (called “ORGANICGEOMETRIC”) and vending machines, are the work of Adam VOID and Maggie Pounds, both involved in the Arts in Bushwick organization and Seven Eight Vend, which plans to expand its fleet of art machines in the near future.

Upstairs, the main show-space had been modified with new lighting and tiered couch seating, the arrangement broken in by a set by Thompson, who actually changed his name at the last minute, to something I can’t recall. I think it related to gay pimps. This was soon followed by a screening of Say Name Into Camera, a short film by JJ Hurvich.

Things which do not appear here due to inattention/having to leave:

  • New mural by Brian Narwhalz (yes it contains a pomeranian)
  • Good images of the vending machines
  • the Beets
  • Anamanaguchi