Test Patterns 7

Post Author: , Nate Dorr

With Gutsies (R.I.P.), Love Like Deloreans, Bosco Delrey, and Dream Diary

On Thursday, August 20, our seventh Test Patterns party went down at Don Pedro. We called it the “dreamy edition” last week, and it pretty much was all our fantasies incarnate.

It was also in all likelihood the last show our beloved Gutsies will ever play. If you caught the shambolic performance, count yourself one of the few.

Love Like Deloreans perform with seven keyboards for three people, and while their future synth music might bear some similarities to bedroom contemporaries, their live show is so spot on it recalls an ecstatically optimistic Cluster with dashes of Kraftwerk and videogame music sans the 8-bit fetish.

It's been a while since we've caught a band that so giddily mashes up electronic dance with blues the way Bosco Delrey does it. We'd like to say we haven't heard anything quite as ready for massive fanbase in this tradition since Play, but Bosco also tosses in the one-off freestyle jam from 77Klash and the occasional looped-guitar noise freakouts.

When we first asked Dream Diary to play, they were calling themselves Smokey Pines. By Thursday, the band had one other show under their belt, but they already carried the confidence of an old dude band. A skinny, early-twenty something old dude band. If this show was any indication, their spot-on sentimental dweeb rock will attract an army of fans.

Props to Yr Friend Matthew's psych projections gracing the faces and walls of these photographs.