Sang Nguyen

{ The world, through the Asian eyes of a five-foot tall little lady. }

Sometimes Sang likes to take photos- mostly of herself, though.

Sang Nguyen's Posts

Dear Viet Cong

Your band name, and lack of critical attention of it, is offensive.

George Takei sent me down a cow meme rabbit hole

In his haste to criticize Shark Week, I became the victim.

Night Panther, “Pleasure To Meet You”

Just don't compare them to Ricky Martin.

Facebook chatting with Francis Lung

The former Wu Lyf bassist on yacht rock, the Pope, and an exclusive peek at his debut album cover.

Mad Men

Learn to draw everyone's favorite smooth criminal, Pete Campbell.

Justin Bieber

Learn to draw anything in three easy and creepy steps.

Empire of the Sun at Gotham Hall

Half of Empire of the Sun perform at Gotham Hall thanks to Intel and MTV Iggy.

Free item of the day: HOT TUBE

It's not a new porno, but you can probably make one in it.

Free item of the day

Times are tough, getting your protein shouldn't be.

The people of EDC NYC

Can you guess which drug(s) they're on?

Impose’s First Day in Austin

Behind the scenes of our first day in Austin for SXSW.

The Memphis Imposition at Murphy’s

We make our way over to Memphis and frankly, are never the same again.

Getting rolled with Chad Valley

Is he the next Rick Astley? Only time will tell.

Overheard: The best tweets about Kim and Kanye's baby

It's like shooting fish in a barrel.


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