Seth Applebaum

Pill Release Show at The Park Church Co-Op

The Schooley Mountain Band and FEMUR at Mercury Lounge

King Pizza Prom at The Gutter

Nancy, Big Huge, Larry & the Babes, Spewing Cum and more at The Other Side

Yonatan Gat, Pill, and The Yin Yangs at Knitting Factory

Creepoid, Longings, Bambara, and Slur at Alphaville

Pill, Dead Tenants, Fuck Fuck, and more at The Living Gallery

Low Fat Getting High, Chris Gethard, Mike Dobbins, and more at Shea Stadium

Beech Creeps, Dinowalrus, MPHO, and The Hairs at Alphaville

Porches., Pile, Grass is Green, Two Inch Astronaut, and Washer at Baby’s All Right

Dazzletine, Railings, Terrible Terrible, and The Rizzos at Shea Stadium

Show Me The Body, Yung Gutted, Spewing Cum, and Garbage Brain at International Loft of Bushwick

Best Behavior, Surf Rock Is Dead, Haybaby, and The Rizzos at Union Pool

The Mystery Lights, Acid Dad, and Jungle Green at Our Wicked Lady

Chimes, Pollen RX, SideA SideB, and Granny at Aviv

Weird Womb, The TeleVibes, Pink Mexico, and Vamanos at Shea Stadium

Weed Hounds, Bueno, Big Huge, and Chimes at Shea Stadium

Pizza Fest 2: Night 2

Pizza Fest 2: Night 1

Turbosleaze, The Drinkers Themselves, and more at David Blaine’s The Steakhouse

Nicholas Nicholas, Whitewash, NO SHOES, and The Britanys at Aviv

Surfbort, Littler, Womps, and Turbosleaze at Shea Stadium

Vexx, Nancy, and Pox at Mateo’s Room

The Obssessives, Mumblr, and more at Emerson House

Modern Vices, Mike Kolb & The Bulbs, Linear Downfall and more at Palisades

Garage rock America

Worthless, Moonwalks, Infinity Girl, and Painted Zeros at Silent Barn

Chimes, GYMSHORTS, Kala and The Lost Tribe, and more at Silent Barn

Painted Zeros, Happy You, The Meaning of Life, and The Rizzos at Palisades

Great Western Plain, Advertising, and Nonsense at Silent Barn

Ovlov, Grass Is Green, Two Inch Astronaut, and Kspill at Silent Barn

The Mystery Lights, Ryan Sambol, EZTV, Worthless, and The Yin Yangs at Knitting Factory

Big Ups, Sick Feeling, Flagland, and Downies at Baby’s All Right

Pile, Krill, Swings, and Baked at Shea Stadium

Yonatan Gat Band, The Yin Yangs, Dead Tenants, and PILL at Babycastles

Rubblebucket and French Horn Rebellion at Brooklyn Bowl

California X, Big Ups, Ovlov, and LVL UP at Shea Stadium

Moon, ScienZe, Fela and Strangelove, Iota, and Medhane at Palisades