Valerie Paulsgrove

Weekends, Sexgender, Wildhoney and Big Mouth at The Crown

Height with Friends and more at The Crown

The Snails at Ottobar

Cass McCombs and Arbouretum at Ottobar

Vayda, Wing Dam, Laser Background, and Goblin Mold at The Crown

Dan Deacon, Future Islands and Videohippos at Ottobar

Scapescape 2013: Sunday Report

Scapescape 2013: Friday Report

Pictureplane, DJ DOG DICK and more at The Coward Shoe

Black Pus at Metro Gallery

oOoOO, Adventure, Braider and Sick Din at Metro Gallery

The Snails at Floristree

Rooms Fall Apart: A Serious Play in Baltimore

Dope Body at Soft House

Celebration, Rap Dragons, Lizz King, and Gage at The Ottobar

Matmos and Horse Lords at The 14Karat Cabaret

Secret Mountains Record Release Show at The Bell Foundry

Arbouretum, The Sterling Sisters, and Drums of Death at Golden West Cafe

Javelin, Snails, Romantic States, and Smoke Bellow at Floristree

Twin Sister, Lands and Peoples, and Soft Cat at Golden West Cafe

Unregistered Nurse Fest 2012: Day 1

Unregistered Nurse Fest 2012: Day 2

Dan Deacon and Height With Friends at Ottobar

Horse Lords Record Release show at The 5th Dimension

Weekends, Woodsman, Wing Dam and Mr. Moccasin at Current Gallery

Scapescape 2012: Sunday Report

Scapescape 2012: Friday Report

Scapescape 2012: Thursday Report

Future Islands, Chester Endersby Gwazda, Bamboo and Believers at Current Space Lot

Dope Body, Doomsday Student, Tinsel Teeth and Witch Hat at Floristree

Raindeer and Dead Drums at The Wind Up Space

Flock of Dimes, Co La and Microkingdom at The Wind Up Space

Lower Dens, Celebration and Violens at Ottobar

Gwar, Ghoul and Kylesa at Sonar

Hunx & His Punx, Nobunny (solo), Natural Child and Hollywood at The Wind Up Space

Dead Mellotron, Fenster, Spanish Prisoners with Lands and Peoples at Soft House

Weekends at The Bell Foundry

Cults, Writer and Mrs. Magician at Ottobar

Big in Japan w/ Katrina Ford of Celebration at Creative Alliance

Dustin Wong at Floristree

Snails at The Wind Up Space

Matmos, Dan Deacon, & Celebration at Ottobar

Future Islands at Ottobar

Avey Tare, Eric Copeland + CO LA

Oxes at G Spot

Double Dagger’s Last Show

Future Islands at The Depot

Arbouretum + Eternal Tapestry

Dustin Wong at Metro Gallery

Adventure at Golden West Cafe