Walter Wlodarczyk

Mirror Universe / Gimme Tinnitus show at Aviv

Big Neck Police, Signal Break, Palberta, Sexual Jeremy at Shea Stadium

Margaret Glaspy, Alexander F., and Jennah Bell at Baby’s All Right

Ronnie Stone & the Lonely Riders, Slonk Donkerson, Greem Jellyfish, and more at Palisades

Guerilla Toss, Downtown Boys, Future Punx, and Disco Phantom at Palisades

Big Ups, LVL UP, Greys, and Washer at Shea Stadium

Gender Is Over! at Silent Barn with Laura Jane Grace, Lauren Denitzio, and David Dondero

Freind EP release show at Baby’s All Right

Parquet Courts, Soda, and B Boys at Baby’s All Right

SMHOAKSTOCK 5 at Shea Stadium

Aviv Turns One with The Harmonica Lewinskies, Quarterbacks, Ronnie Stone, and more

The Ordeals, Bob Carol Ted, Specific Thing, Dan Francia, and Amar Lal at Shea Stadium

Future Punx, Parlor Walls, Dead Waves, and Heavy Birds at Shea Stadium

dreamcrusher, Psychoegyptian, Machine Girl and Wetware at Silent Barn

dreamcrusher, DJ Semita Serpens, Plack Blague, Bernard Herman and James K at Torus Porta

Celestial Shore, Mega Bog, Parlor Walls, SIRENS, and Real Adult at Palisades

Weekend at Bernie’s: Guerilla Toss, Mannequin Pussy, and more at Shea Stadium

Fern Mayo, Washer, Arm Candy, and Peaer at Shea Stadium

Heaven’s Gate, Palberta, Sleepies, and B Boys at Shea Stadium

Flower Girl, Milk Dick, Lizard Kisses, and Freind at Aviv

PWR BTTM, Charly Bliss, Fern Mayo, and Kississippi at Silent Barn

The Sediment Club, dreamcrusher, Chat Logs, Turbosleaze, and Wetware at Silent Barn

Gigawatts Festival 2015: Guerilla Toss, Guardian Alien, Horse Lords, and more at Our Wicked Lady

#OFFBRAND at Secret Project Robot

Night Powers, Courtship Ritual, Decorum, and Parlor Walls at Cake Shop

Mitski, Elvis Depressedly, Eskimeaux, and Normal Person at Palisades

Parquet Courts, Naomi Punk, and PC Worship at Palisades

Guerilla Toss, Howardian, Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser, and Bueno at Shea Stadium

ZZZ’s, Palberta, Dead Tenants, bbigpigg, and Big Neck Police at Silent Barn

Show Me The Body EP release party at SoHo Arts Club

CUTTERS, Gay Panic, Cutting Room Floor, and more at Silent Barn

New York’s Alright 2015

No One and the Somebodies at Aviv

Ben Seretan, and Middle Grey with Ginny Benson at Lincoln Center

Is Tropical and bottoms at Palisades

Pampers, Spray Paint, and Beech Creeps at Union Pool

Vomitface, LAW$UITS, Dead Tenants, and Lutkie at Palisades

Limbs Bin, Permanent Waves, Kill Alters, and more at Silent Barn

Bent Shapes, Night Powers, Kindling, and Decorum at The Gutter

ADVAETA, Beech Creeps, Dan Friel and Todd Michael Bailey, and more at Silent Barn

Screaming Females, Downtown Boys, Aye Nako at Silent Barn

EULA, GULL, No Bra, and more at Palisades

Yonatan Gat, Beech Creeps, Kid Millions and Jim Sauter Duo at Union Pool

Palberta, Flagland, The Gradients, Dead Wives, and Big Neck Police at Shea Stadium

Nice Guys, Slow Jerks, Robot Death Kites, and bbigpigg at Bohemian Grove

eskimeaux, Bellows, and Florist at Lincoln Center

Nine of Swords, Low Fat Getting High, Kal Marks, Palm, and Peaer at Palisades

Yung Gutted, Show Me The Body, Mannequin Pussy, and more at Shea Stadium

Flagland, Unstoppable Death Machines, Dead Tenants and more at Palisades

Drenge, EULA, and Bueno at Shea Stadium