Believe EP – World Tour

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What’s the most you can do in eighteen minutes? Think about maybe possibly doing something else in the near future, kind of? Well, Swedish trio World Tour can apparently crank out a solid four-song dream-pop EP, this month’s Believe, which is part impressive production and part the same sort of sensation that drives your lethargic hesitation.

Like a recurring dream, World Tour take us to another planet that somehow feels familiar – a rainforest space-scape, stuck in a phantasmagoric fog. Building from an almost monosyllabic keyboard punching, the EP’s first number, “Believe,” quickly opens the door into a layered rainforest-techno wonderland made for the close attention and daydream-inducing nature of headphones. So begins a sleepy-time journey that jumps between tribal influences, a xylophone, and breathy vocals laid over synth sounds, unwinding at a deceivingly slow-seeming pace that will easily put your body into a state of lazy ecstasy.

The result is a gorgeous pause, no doubt, but after the EP ends and you shake the slumber from your eyes, little remains other than the memory of an almost-moment. The minutes of escape work like a charm – a modern meditation tape for an age without religion beyond our own reflections – but it’s this very escapism that can turn into numbing narcissism, keeping us trapped in our own worlds that celebrate disconnect while damning reality.

Perhaps that’s why the length of this EP is so excellent. The eighteen minutes of Believe are a beautiful break, and World Tour know how to take you away with little more than a sigh and some keyboards. Just remember to pinch yourself a few times if you plan to put this on repeat.