Bring Enough To Spill Some – Chuck Love

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Just because a house music producer has had a string of successful singles doesn’t mean that their full-length release will hold your attention. Chuck Love, however, manages to clear this hurdle with his latest album. In the house that Jack built, Love is a jack-of-all-trades, and he displays ample abilities as DJ, producer, and multi-instrumentalist over two discs. His soulful production features thick, funky bass lines and jazzy improvised solos over four-on-the-floor beats. Several collaborations with Fourfeet are the lynchpin on which the other selections hang. Still, Chuck gets the job done all by his lonesome, as “Long Way Down” and “Next To You” will attest to. He’s also more than willing to share his funky ways with others; Disc Two finds Love behind the DJ booth, seamlessly mixing his remix and production work. Standouts include his Bangers & Mash mix of Andy Caldwell’s “Warrior” as well as “Giveitupsista,” a Love original.