Go Commando with JDH and Dave P – JDH and DAVE P

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JDH and Dave P have put together an incredible mix that blends together a myriad of influences, including techno, electro, disco, and rock. Preprogrammed sequences join hands with live bands and the result is 100% rump-shaking from beginning to end. Joakim’s electro-indie smash “I Wish You Were Gone” kicks things off, morphing into In Flagranti’s present-day disco stomper “Genital Blue Room.” If you need evidence that rave is making a comeback, check out Tronik House’s “Mental Techno.” The mix of break beats and apocalyptic orchestra hits will make you think it’s 1993 all over again. Other highlights include the cut-up craziness of Mr. Oizo, the guitar-driven joy of Gossip and The Rapture, and Supermayer’s gorgeous remix of Gui Boratto’s “Like You.” Respect due to JDH and Dave P for creating the definitive party mix CD for summertime rooftop jams everywhere.