Young Fight EP – Amusement Parks on Fire

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This super-sexy, cocktail-

hour, cosmic shoegazer, early 90s throwback is a fucking delight to behold. What began as a one-man project for Michael Feerick is now a 5-piece band and the skies the limit.

The dynamic interplay of gauzy, sticky guitar noise and pulsating rhythms is obviously reminiscent of the swirling, swaying, shoegazer buzz-rock school of the late 80s/early 90s, but the songs contained on this EP are valid enough as musical statements to exist purely on their own terms (two of them are new songs and three are previously released elsewhere). The most prevalent point of return for APOF might be the late, great Drop 19s, who are largely forgotten today, but who should be immortalized, if for no other reason, for their luscious, trippy take on Madonna’s “Angel.” On “In Our Eyes,” for example, APOF play in that very same sandbox as Drop 19s and, somehow, they don’t get bullied at all. Michael, you can definitely hang out with the big kids now.

In a way, there’s a strange marriage of coolness and warmth in this music that makes for a heady and pleasant condensation of elements. Like a cool buzz on a humid summer night. Like a wicked headrush on wild tube ride. Like a friend that maybe you don’t yet know very well, but you feel completely comfortable with, nevertheless. Burn baby burn.