Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk, “Zebra Boy”

Post Author: JP Basileo

Following the April release of their mini-opus, Kill The Fuzz, Fire Talk staple Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk are providing visuals to accompany their single, “Zebra Boy”. The track, whose choir-like harmonies encompass the album theme as a whole, would necessitate a video equally wondrous, and BBDDM delivers with an actual carnation of the title character trying, somewhat tragically, to find his place in the nature. The heavily made-up, hauntingly red-eyed figure, dressed in black and white stripes and sad-clown face paint, wanders through woodland and beach setting, mouthing the angelic vocal tones floating through the air. The video, directed by Barrett Emke, is similar to the track (and the album as a whole, for that matter), in that it seems to depict a coming into oneself, discovering inner uniqueness, or perhaps rather brilliance, coming to terms with it, and then flourishing because of it. From his steadfast glowing stare and immobile stance in a lake’s lapping tidal flow, to the carefree frolicking in the forest, to the spatial voices and rhythmic hum of the band, “Zebra Boy” and BBDDM are indeed confident in who they are.

Kill the Fuzz is out now on Fire Talk Records, and BBDDM is touring:


16 Grand Rapids, MI @ The Fed Galleries at KCAD
17 Highland, WI @ Blue Light II
18 Chicago, IL @ Cole’s (Rocktober Fest)
21 Des Moines, IA @ The Fremont
22 Omaha, NE @ O’Leaver’s
23 Denver, CO @ UMS Fest @ Hi Dive
24 Lawrence, KS @ Replay (Forever Fest)
25 Kansas City, MO @ The Ship
26 St. Louis, MO @ FOAM
27 Athens, OH @ The Skull