Debut: Beliefs, “Catch My Breath”

Beliefs jump into the water for the video premiere of their single "Catch My Breath", captured by the waterproofed lenses of Henry Sansom and James Mejia. Being that Bilinda Butcher and the Valentines gave us the breathless wonder "Lose My Breath", and Slowdive already had a "Catch the Breeze"; Josh Korody of BREEZE, Jesse Crowe, Pat McCormack, Noel Webb, Ren Reinhartz, with Kyle Connolly and Richard Stanley build upward from those tremolo ladden canvas foundations of the aforementioned God-like sneaker-gazers.

From the opening feedback squals, the view gets submerged as the guitars literally get washed away like the second generational VHS video distortion's visual bath of doubled vision. Connecting to life and getting caught up on wind; Josh, Jesse, Pat and crew embrace the earth, sand, tides and loud guitars. After the liquid destruction of the electric-melodic strings, the opposing element of flame is left to feast on the bonfire guitar kindling to keep our soaked, breath catchers warm with a closing contrast of the group's rippling reflection with a floating Telecaster overlay.

Beliefs' 2 song UNTITLED features both "Catch My Breath" and "Violets" available now on digital and limited edition cassette tape from Canadian imprint, Hand Drawn Dracula and UK/EU's No Pain in Pop. The forthcoming Beliefs' self-titled full-length debut is slated for release in Spring 2013, and will be available from Hand Drawn Dracula in Canada, Manimal in the US, and No Pain In Pop for the UK/EU.