The Soft, “Mori”

From Suffolk, UK, The Soft brings meditative man-machine audio dichotomies in their video for "Mori".

The song's title comes from Masahiro Mori's concepts of lifelike robots from his 1970s essay about the 'uncanny valley' that raises further singularity surveys of robotic's complex relationships to the subjects of the humanities. In the William Glass made video, the human image is birthed from the "shade of blue" waters to create the man behind the spinning metallic mask's visage of a cyborg other.

The keyboard loops are met with digital rain, three-dimensional graphs and charts that center around the central human subject's DNA, spun to create an artificial replicant. The human-machine continuum has never been heard, treated or viewed with such tranquility until this moment.

The Soft's 2011 Hot Summer EP that had us dancing to "Tropisms" will be followed by the next EP in early 2013 from NYC imprint, Ceremony.