BONZIE, "How Do You Find Yourself, Love"

Post Author: Sophie Kemp

In the new live video for BONZIE’s “How Do You Find Yourself, Love,” we watch the Chicago based artist interact with her band to create a moody and dynamic atmosphere. The live performance is charged, as BONZIE—the moniker for Nina Ferraro–sings and plays her acoustic guitar you can experience the emotion and pain that is found in the song’s lyrics.
Ferraro’s band is the perfect backdrop to her vocals, when Ferraro dips into the most intense parts of the song we are able to watch the band move along. There’s a real benefit for us to watch BONZIE relatively stripped down. Her music is often associated with the producers she works with, “How Do You Find Yourself, Love” was recorded with Steve Albini who has previously collaborated with artists like PJ Harvey and Nirvana. To watch BONZIE in a live setting is to show just how captivating and raw her vocals can be on their own. “How Do You Find Yourself, Love” is heavy on the romantic, redefined through post-rock aesthetics–something that works absolutely perfectly live.
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