Digisaurus, "I Don't Feel Alright"

Post Author: Michael Brummett

Digisaurus is the electro-pop project of James Allison. His latest video enlists the help of an experienced behind-the-scenes team to bring it all together.


James Allison’s new video for “I Don’t Feel Alright” features Fran Litterski of Columbia Records’ Magic Man in its re-imagination of his own live shows. The song was produced by Mike Landolt, whose engineering chops include Maroon 5, Spin Doctors, OAR and more.

The video was directed by Evan Spencer Brace, who has a background with Phantogram, White Arrows, Taking Back Sunday, and The Mowgli’s. Experimental lighting effects and a complete artistic abstraction gleam retro and futuristic vibes as you move through the video.


For a split-second, you can hear vocal elements from Allison that almost mirror the pace and delivery of RHCP. Outside of that, “I Don’t Feel Alright” is a fairly light and accessible track that lives up to the genre. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the song finding traction following its release.
The talent that Digisaurus brought in for the production and editing is rather clear — it all comes off as very clean and well-made. Although, some of the shots look forced and awkward among the carefully curated, abstract and fluid backdrops seen throughout the video.
Digisaurus gets a lot of things right with the music video, making it worth the watch and listen.


You can find Allison on Spotify through his new single, with him being on Facebook as well.