Brown Bread, “Hologram”

Post Author: Liz Pelly

Brown Bread is the experimental solo project of Beacon, NY’s Becky Doerfer. You may recognize her music from the excellent 2012 Clubhouse split on Crash Symbols that she was part of with Emily Reo and Yohuna, or from the string of intimate, hypnotic electronic pop she’s released to Bandcamp since 2011. Her latest release is Mitote, a 10-song tape for Bridgetown. Its haunting and hushed meditations reflect on memory, getting older, and themes like “passing the burden” and “sometimes wanting to be someone else.” A stand-out of the tape is “Hologram,” a reworked song originally recorded with another project, Fossil Cities. “The song was originally recorded in 2010,” says Doerfer. “It was dedicated to Kim Deal, and then I re-recorded it and it became about climate change… weird.” The video for “Hologram” finds Doerfer on a solo walk through the woods, eating leaves, and spinning through a bright green field in South Carolina. Watch it above.

Mitote is out now on Bridgetown.