Dirty Beaches, “Time Washes Everything Away”

Post Author: Caitlin Greene

Earlier this Fall, Dirty Beaches’ Alex Zhang Hungtai announced he would be moving onto different endeavors, leaving DB behind. His final album, Stateless, would be released several days later, featuring the concluding track, “Time Washes Everything Away.” As a continuation to saying ‘goodbye,’ Hungtai just put out a sprawling 15-minute video for the song, enlisting French director/artist Loic Zimmerman to set the achingly lonesome cinematographic tone. The video stars Hungtai himself, but his presence in the shot is always humbled by his surroundings, whether natural, industrial, or domestic. Dissonant horns and strings give the piece a nautical feel, and the video certainly isn’t short on corresponding footage.

Watch the video here, and look out for Hungtai’s next incarnation sometime in 2015