Busdriver, “Eat Rich”

No, Busdriver is not covering Aerosmith on his single, “Eat Rich”. The sentiment is similar in that both aim to suggest cannibal appetites for the elite, but in longevity Busdriver has never felt the satisfaction of a full stomach. Perfect Hair is a his eighth solo album and he’s still writing about an inner hunger.

For the “Eat Rich” video, Busdriver is the main course, his head on a platter at the center of the table. He complicates matters by being both the served entree and the chef to dining patrons that resemble extras from a Tim & Eric shoot. Hardly a moment exists when “Eat Rich” is not veering towards the absurd, from Chia-pet’s for pubic hair implants to feeding the rich with projectile grapes. The only thing that’s changed when it comes to Busdriver’s diet on rich is that now-a-days it’s soy-based and farm-to-fork. No fear of GMOs.

Busdriver’s Perfect Hair is out now on Big Dada.