Drab Majesty, “39 By Design”

Post Author: Michael Brummett

“39 By Design” is the latest reveal of what to expect off The Demonstration LP from Drab Majesty, releasing their new album on January 20th via DAIS Records. In what could only be captured in words as interdimensional post-punk, it has an atmospheric, sonic element with gentle guitar work that wraps up one’s mind while listening. As a full experience, it reminds us of Ghostbusters when things start to get weird . . .

Where does this weirdness originate? Heaven’s Gate, of course. Our favorite bedtime story. Piecing together clips of Heaven’s Gate makes the already horror-culture, Pan’s Labyrinth feel all-the-more engaging. “39 By Design” sounds as great as it gives off strange vibes, and is all welcomed, as it has us excited for what’s to come within The Demonstration.

Drab Majesty began in 2012 as an outfit producing 4-track cassettes in dim, Los Angeles bedrooms. Beginning with an EP of sorts titled Unarian Dances, their interdimensional agenda was spread farther, culminating in a 2015, full-length manifesto in Careless, preceding what we’ve heard a glimpse of today.

Drab Majesty occasionally lapses back to our dimension and posts on Facebook. Care to listen to another one? Here’s “Cold Souls” via Soundcloud, also off The Demonstration. Preorder is available now.