Emanuel and The Fear, “Some May Fall Asleep”

Post Author: Justin Hernandez

The brand new video for “Some May Fall Asleep” from Brooklyn-based Emanuel and the Fear’s upcoming full-length Primitive Smile is here and it’s exclusively on Impose. A collaboration with director and artist Joseph Carlin, “Some May Fall Asleep” is a color blocked take on the nature of love through overlaid images that intermingle to create a wondrous experience for the viewer. Like a graphic novel come to life, “Some May Fall Asleep” captures the dynamic performance of Emanuel and the Fear through moving illustrations and superb imagery that complements the music while also creating its own independent work of art from it.

“Some May Fall Asleep” begins with a stylish title card that gives way to close-ups of drums booming to life. The band is then revealed via quasi-rotoscoped footage as their animated movements are coupled with everything from sunflowers to spiraling galaxies. As the kaleidoscopic visuals overlap and intermingle, one can’t help but find some symbolism in the literal worlds contained within the band members and their instruments. After all, a violin is merely a violin until it is brought to life by the violinist at which point it can transform into and evoke so much to so many.

The video for “Some May Fall Asleep” expands on that notion and portrays it literally as entire universes exist within the frets of a guitar or the aforementioned strings of a violin. Such depth is also felt in the song itself which superbly creates an expansive universe of its own through a breadth of sounds and tones far beyond the ordinary. This is symphonic rock with an emphasis on both descriptors as Emanuel and the Fear blur the line between classical music and classic rock until they emerge as a new classic all their own with a classic video to boot.

“Some May Fall Asleep” is the Impose exclusive first video from Emanuel And The Fear’s upcoming Primitive Smile which will be released September 23 on Paper Garden Records and is available for pre-order now. You can follow Emanuel And The Fear on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, YouTube, Bandcamp, and on their website at www.emanuelandthefear.com.