Justin Hernandez

Justin Hernandez

Justin M. Hernandez is a native of Chicago’s South Side who now resides in San Diego, CA. He spends his free time working on music,

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Industry's Future Revealed at Techstars Music Demo Day

She-Devils, She-Devils

TATRAN, "Eyes"

Justus Proffit, "Fly"

Michael Beharie, Voices

Loose Tooth, Big Day

Moon Duo, Occult Architecture Vol. 2

Sheer, Psychic Quarry

Ane, Bitan

Cattle & Cane, Mirrors

Stromboli, Volume Uno

Jack Propane, Other Worlds

Curved Light, Reversion

Moon Duo, Occult Architecture Vol. 1

Dune Rats, The Kids Will Know It's Bullshit

Lindenfield, Season of Death

Curved Light, "Blush Response"

Jack Propane, "Riverside Drive"

Jocelyn & Chris Arndt, 30,000 Miles

Neru, The Psych0delic Insomnivc

Pearl Crush, “First Blush/Semiprecious Stone”

The Year in Mainstream

The Dunwells, “It’s OK This Time”

Divining Pod: Top 10 Podcasts of 2016

Top 10 Music Videos of 2016

Sundayman, “Alive”

Yellow Shoots, “Stormy Weather”

Joseph Allred, Fire and Earth

Sløtface, Empire Records

Young Mammals, Jaguar

Relations, Cloud Dreaming

Brother O’ Brother, “Wolf in Sheeps Clothing”

Shiny Wet Machine, “Stun Gun”

Fascinations Grand Chorus, “Up To You”

David Bazan, Christmas Bonus

No Sun, “Drown In You”

Mustardmind, Peep

Lambchop, FLOTUS

Pure Moods, Pure Moods

Cameron AG, Homeward Bound

Blonde Elvis, “Girls Of Israel”

Berwanger Premieres Exorcism Rocks, Josh Shares His Top 10 Favorite Horror Films

Ruth Garbus, Hello Everybody

SISTERS, “Trails”

Sinless, Melodie

Nail Polish, “Chophouse Row”

Merc Yes, “A Loaf of Bread”

all boy/all girl, Slagroom

Picture Atlantic, Assouf

Russell James Pyle, “April Song”