Curved Light, Reversion

Post Author: Justin Hernandez

Curved Light has returned with Reversion, another grand analog, ethereal score for modern digital life out February 10th on Atlantic Rhythms. After touring for the glowing duality that was last year’s Prismatic/Loomstate album, Peter Tran (the synthesizer mastermind behind Curved Light and one half of the Baltimore electronic duo HD Sunrise) got right back into the studio for a bit of recording therapy and recorded all the album’s tracks on their first takes.
According to Tran, “I was struggling to find direction, both in and outside music. Reversion carries some of the answers I’ve found, being a pure response to my experiences while traveling.” While the instrumentals of Reversion may not offer any clear answers at first to the listener, they nevertheless manage to convey many feelings and emotions. “Test Selection”, Reversion’s grand overture, opens the album like a sun cresting over the horizon. It is like a sloughing off of the remains of sleep, a digital call to arms that stretch out into the universe and beyond. As Reversion flows along, ambient electronic echoes embrace the listener to create a luxurious, lushly stark atmosphere.
From the stirring cyber momentum of “Disquiet” to the fluttering, neo-futuristic waves that close the album on “Absent Empathy”, Reversion arcs across a vast digital audio spectrum to create a stirring electronic symphony. While electronic music finds itself often inextricably linked to dance, Curved Light has taken the genre and made music that still manages to move listeners emotionally, if not physically.

Reversion is out February 10th, 2017 on Atlantic Rhythms. You can pre-order both the digital version as well as the cassette, limited to 100 physical copies with digital download code, and hand-screened poster here. You can follow Curved Light on Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp.