Equador’s Music Video For “Blood” Is Raw & Visually Stunning

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Two incredibly talented humans–Henry Binns from Zero 7 and Bo Bruce, a finalist on season one of The Voice–have teamed up to bring the world their latest musical project, Equador. Their first single off the debut album is titled “Blood”, and we’ve got the premiere right here.

Besides the track being absolutely gorgeous in its production, Equador has perfected the blending of incredible instrumentals with Henry Binns’ and Bo Bruce’s very distinct and beautiful voices. (After all, his success with Zero 7 and her success since The Voice speak to their immense talent.) The video is almost psychedelic, lending a variety of simple, raw visuals to a song about love. As visually stunning as the video is, it also allows the vocals speak for themselves.

Check it out.


Bones Of Man will be released in September on Pegdoll Records.