Equators, "Tut's Lazy Burial"

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

Equators, the Los Angeles based band, will release an LP Gigantic Waves, I’m Not Here on March 3.   “Tut’s Lazy Burial” is the latest track and video from the album.
With a genre that has been described as “psychedelic, folk, improvisational,” “Tut’s Lazy Burial” embraces all three adjectives in a dreamy, fluid tune with haunting lyrics.  Equators have a sound that reminds one of the Shins, but with less of a pop edge.
The companion video of “Tut’s Lazy Burial” features stark images in black and white that further accentuate the lonely feel of the song.  Scenes of the countryside and cityscapes are connected with scenes of various forms of transportation – save for one shot, all are void of humans.  Equators have painted a picture that perfectly reflects their song.
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