Hot Sugar, “Your Nails Look So Pretty”

Post Author: David Miller

Hot Sugar (né Nick Koenig) is chalk full of ambition. An heir to Eno and a probable BNMer in the making, Koenig has undertaken the near-insane project of making music consisting of sound mostly outside of music properi.e., the guy is trying to make bangers out of animal heartbeats, the scurrying of rats, TV static, etc.

He calls it Associative Music and it’s pretty goddamned interesting. Take the upcoming Seductive Nightmares 7“, the A-side of which, “Your Nails Look So Pretty,” now has a video.  A Duran Duran on junk looking Koenig rides around Brooklyn like a pied piper to the youth, bribing his preteen acolytes with gummy worms, taking them for rides in his stretch Range Rover, telling them to stab their elders, and more or less attempting to start a full on revolution. The revolution? His post-music music.

 The Seductive Nightmares 7″ is out August 19 via Noise Collector/Hoko Sounds. And remember, Hot Sugar is for the children.