Jeff Rosenstock, “Nausea”

Post Author: NM Mashurov

“I get so tired of discussing my future, I started avoiding the people I love” sings Jeff Rosenstock on “Nausea” – a feeling that’s easy to relate to, especially if you’ve just had an emotionally exhausting holiday season of steadily disappointing your entire family. “Nausea”, the first single off the former Bomb the Music Industry frontman’s second solo full-length, We Cool?, is full of familiar Rosenstock themes – sharply written self-deprecating punk songs that somehow always manage to make anthems out of low points.

In the video, Rosenstock is playing a show at the Silent Barn. It looks like a pretty fun show – Rosenstock (repping a Sidekicks T-shirt) is hamming it up on keyboard and everyone looks like they’re having a pretty good time, that is, except some jerk in the audience who slowly raises a middle finger and then quickly throws a Tecate right at Rosenstock’s head. It devolves from there – projectile confetti vomit, and a good old fashioned stabby knife fight (this is why we can’t have nice things).

We Cool? is available March 3 on Side One Dummy Records.