The Sidekicks, “Everything in Twos”

Post Author: Niccolo Porcello

Narrative wise, The Sidekicks’ video for their new song begins with the band playing a show in the titular Everything In Twos Cafe, before they sit down to what appears to a wholly unsatisfactory bottle of champagne. This leads to a series of events that involves the baking of cookies, a photo shoot with a spooky photographer, and the consumption of some extremely potent brownies? The video is truly funny and wonderfully shot. The song comes off of their recently released fourth LP Runners in the Nerved World. It’s a sunny-punk romp that has all of the qualities of The Sidekicks prior work: twinkly guitars, shattering snare hits high in the mix, and gently dispersed distorted sections that never detract from the otherwise hyper-clean delivery of their brief gems. The Sidekicks started a tour yesterday that includes dates with both DDW’s LVL UP and Cayetana.

Runners in the Nerved World is available through Epitaph Records.