JPEGMAFIA, "Baby I'm Bleeding"

Post Author: Andre G

JPEGMAFIA has returned. After dropping his intense, revelatory The 2nd Amendment project last year to high esteem, he’s back to continue to push buttons and speak truth to power through gripping, dystopian soundscapes. Cue “Baby I’m Bleeding,” a powerful middle-finger of a track that showcases JPEG’S versatility and exposes more than a little about what’s making him tick.
The backbone of the track is a dire synth that sounds like a low-pitched alarm, the perfect riff for “Peggy” to wail about a carnivorous trip through New York which leads him to the white house lawn. The social commentary is rife on “Baby I’m Bleeding,” not only via the palpable disdain in JPEG’S delivery, but barbs like “chains on my body, looking like a rapper/acting like a slave when I’m gunning for my masters” and “it’s ironic that you hang with a n*gga that beat women and have the nerve to call yourself a girl pusher” which pierce through the industrial soundscape.
We can likely expect more loaded social and political commentary on JPEG’S upcoming Veteran album, which is on pre-sale via Deathbomb Arc. You can purchase here.