Junius Karr, "Don't Break Down The Door I'm Still Inside"

Post Author: Ian Schneider

Junius Karr, a New York based self-proclaimed “songer/singwriter”, has released an introspective video for his single “Don’t Break Down The Door I’m Still Inside”.  The single comes from his debut EP “The Late Great Junius Karr”, and reflects the inner thoughts of someone who feels trapped in a glutinous society.
Throughout the video, Junius is outcasted amongst party goers who drink and consume to excess.  He finds solace in a woman who seems to be his muse, as well as his guitar.  Near the end of the song, he begins to lay down a guitar solo.  As he plays, his music is literally melting the faces off of the other people in the room.  As an act of conformity, at the end of the video Junius lays down with the people whose faces he melted. Karr presents us with a video and song that challenge the status quo with a cynicism that is felt in the sound and lyrics.

Tour Dates:
6/9 – New York, NY @ The Footlight w/ Hypoluxo, Fox Hollow, Ernie
6/28 – New York, NY @ The Footlight w/ Minimall, Verdigrls, Jackie Mendoza

For more about Karr’s EP, you can visit his Soundcloud.