Lowlight, “Bones”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

On August 26th, New Jersey’s alternative folk rock collective Lowlight – comprised of Renee Maskin, Derril Sellers, Dana Sellers, Colin Ryan, Rey Rivera, and a fun addition for this record, Tony Aichele – released their debut album Where Do We Go From Here. You wouldn’t guess it was their first full-length, as the tracks are exquisitely composed and the band has the air of having been around for a while. Today, we share with you the exclusive premiere of the music video for “Bones”.

This video is so well done, it moves along like a short film, the first shot of roses scattered in the front seat of a car. Among others, there is a shot of a man running, well dressed, with flowers in his hand. Scenes of a man preparing for his day layer in with a woman, looking forlorn, surrounded by burning things in her kitchen while she smokes. A man laying his head down on a bar at night, and a woman tied up in the back of a car. Everything holds a piece of melancholy to it, until every scene has their climax.

What’s to come? How will this ultimately unfold?

Renee Maskin had a bit to say about the video itself as well.

Andy Bond heard our song, ‘Bones,’ and approached us with a video treatment some weeks later. Once we read it, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to let Andy flesh out his vision of the song.  The characters in the video all seem to be dealing with isolation and confinement, be it figurative or literal.

We participated quite a bit on the production of the video, which took place during the peak of winter on one of the coldest weekends of the year. It was an amazing experience working with Andy and learning more about the entire process. We are very excited to share this project with the world, we hope you enjoy it.

Where Do We Go From Here is available now.