MishCatt, “Another Dimension”

Post Author: Virginia Croft

The world can feel a bit scary, sometimes. News is flooded with fear and dread, and good news seems to be so far and few between… Somehow, none of this stopped Michelle Gonzalez, otherwise known as MishCatt, from taking a chance with her talents. MishCatt left her home in Costa Rica as a teen to see what the globe had to offer, eventually ending up in Sweden where she met Miike Snow’s producer, Pontus Winnberg.

Since their initial encounter, MishCatt has worked with Winnberg a considerable amount– he produced her debut EP, Highlighter. Most recently, her video for “Another Dimension” premiered, the visuals just as electrifying as the lyrics. MishCatt sings with great intensity, telling of the freedom that accompanies letting go. The video is spunky and charming, everything that MishCatt exudes in her music and persona. Watching her bop to the beat is thrilling, and it’s clear that she wants us to enter the other dimension.