Moon Duo, “Animal”

Post Author: JP Basileo

Moon Duo, who recently announced their forthcoming LP Shadow of the Sun, out March 3 via Sacred Bones, just released a video to accompany their first single, “Animal.” It features skateboarder Richie Jackson (who oddly enough is also the video’s producer, director and editor) hilariously walking through a city like a disjointed robot, coming to life only upon finding something to shred on—primarily a bunch of things that aren’t skateboards—and then immediately resuming his bizarre waltz. Kickflipping a pitchfork? Doing a manual down a hill on a car bumper? Or skimming a 360 on a computer keyboard up a big slope? These strange, and seemingly unnatural sights only echo the psych sound and culture embraced and embodied by Moon Duo. The track itself, which is being released as a 7” single, is a short-n-sweet, straightforward, eerie three-chord banger with supernatural keys and unwavering drums, following the same no-chorus, psychedelically numbing structure of the majority of their catalog. Between sight and sound, the video for “Animal” is a comical, yet ominous look into what Shadow of the Sun will bring.