Naked Giants, “Easy Eating”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Naked Giants – the garage rock trio from Washington comprised of Henry LaVallee, Grant Mullen, and Gianni Aiello – is getting ready for their R.I.P. EP, set to release on October 14th. In anticipation of that release, we’ve got the exclusive premiere of their new music video for “Easy Eating”.

A janitor is cleaning up what looks to be a high school gymnasium, and a band starts playing. A hazy filter, warm lighting, and gold decor make you realize this could have been a set up for prom, or simply a strange dream the janitor is living out. He stares at the band while they rock out on stage, surrounded by balloons and emanating insane energy.

Naked Giants had quite the backstory for the video.

This is the first music video we have ever made. The janitor in the video originally had an in-depth backstory – his own senior prom was an embarrassing pants-wetting disaster which sent him running to the little boy’s room crying. In the thick of his prom blues, he was found by his school’s janitor, a homely custodial hero. This janitor took our young protagonist under his wing and, in order to lead him out of his teenage depression, embedded him with the passion of janitor-ing. The young janitor’s apprentice learned well and grew very fond of his instructor until one day, while cleaning up leftovers in the cafeteria, the old master janitor slipped on a banana peel and fell into a deep, lifelong coma. Our young protagonist then realized that he was destined to inherit his leader’s jumpsuit and pursue a life of charitable janitor-ing to honor the life and work of his master.

Unfortunately we had neither the time nor the funding to film all of this, so we ended up filming a more concise version which is less plot-heavy but still lovable.

R.I.P. is out October 14th. it is available for preorder now.