Ok Vancouver Ok, “Comes In Waves”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Ok Vancouver Ok has been around the block. We’re not talking about “sexy time” here (Although, who are we to say?), but about the fact that the Canadian group–comprised of Jeff Johnson, Eli Moore, Ashley Eriksson, Laura House, H.L., and Kristjanne Vosper–has been releasing some phenomenal indie/rock tracks since 2004. On their 10th full length album, Black Part of Light, they’ve hit the jackpot with some pretty great tunes. We’ve got the premiere of their video for “Comes In Waves” exclusively on IMPOSE.

“Comes In waves” is a pretty slow jam great one to wrap up the summertime, carefree feels. It also feels like the most ridiculous throwback song, if not only because of the music video. Eli Moore and Ashley Eriksson made a video that really, truly looks like it was shot as part of the music video for Free Willy. Alternatively–and perhaps more on-point–we can see this as part of the opening montage in Grease. In any case, it’s a throwback-looking, nostalgia-inducing, bittersweet portrait of summer.

And we love it.