“Two Reasons” To Love Sadie And The Stark

Post Author: Corinne Pachl

Chicago-based indie band Sadie and the Stark’s namesake, Sadie Rogers, and filmmakers Eon Mora (who often collaborates with Joe Swanberg) and Stephen Cone (Henry Gambell’s Birthday Party) joined forces to bring Sadie’s self-directing debut to life. This video for song “Two Reasons” is a “low-fi analogue witch romp shot next to an ominous Lake Michigan.” Sadie’s very gaze draws you in and refuses to let you go – and you won’t want to look away.

For what it’s worth, I’m actually in love with their poetry in the lyrics of “Two Reasons.” Here’s a little excerpt from a verse:

“I’ve got everybody waiting.
I’ve got so many reasons to pray.
But my hands are busy crying
And my soul’s been torn away.”

My hands are busy crying.  It packs a punch – how can a phrase so simple connote so much emotion and action all at once?

Sadie and the Stark’s idiosyncratic sound is loosely inspired by hardcore sci-fi/fantasy, with their gritty, grungy lyrics and capricious outlook. Having been compared to PJ Harvey and the Kills in the past, Sadie and the Stark has a deservedly confident stride in their music.