Real Life Buildings, “Black Kettle”

Post Author: NM Mashurov

Real Life Buildings is a real life band by Matt Van Asselt (Mt. Home Arts), accompanied by Felix Walworth (Told Slant), and Gabrielle Smith (Eskimeaux). The song “Black Kettle” is a straightforward musing about post-grad transience—landing in the city but wanting to move “somewhere better, somewhere cheaper, somewhere where I can have space.” These are thoughts that tend to get into your head most often when you’re zoning out staring at the wall of your rando apartment feeling like a forever-shapeshifting amorphous blob. The video, animated by Anna Shepperson, who co-runs Mt. Home and also did the art for the tape, shows just that—a looping animation of a shapeshifting amorphous blob wiggling around in front of some wallpaper. As Van Asselt wrote in an email, the idea was to “make something that was a device to help you listen – something that sort of illustrated the feeling while not being too distracting, and something maybe a little hypnotic too.”

Real Life Buildings is going on a short tour:

26 Purchase, NY at SUNY Purchase w/ Mallory, Told Slant, Thelma, Ambiguous Coma
27 Brooklyn, NY at Silent Barn w/ Advance Base, Hello Shark, Adult Mom
28 Kingston, NY at Kingston BSP w/ Onwe, O-Face, Diet Cig

01 Bard, NY at Bard College w/ Bellows, Small Wonder, Rivergazer