Robert Robinson, “Ziti”

Post Author: Jake Saunders

You may have heard of Sore Eros, the dizzying experimental pop group out of Northampton, Massachusetts. That means you’ve also heard of Robert Robinson, the guitarist of that project, whose solo record Connecticut River is out on in 2015 via Feeding Tube RecordsConnecticut will appeal to fans of Sore Eros, its spacious Animal Collective-inspired riffs entering in and out of consciousness alongside melodic sampled collages reminiscent of The Books.  It’s a melting pot of dreamy feel-good vibes carrying us through space and time.

The record is not out until January 20, but in the meantime you can watch the video for a song called “Ziti”.  Cat lovers will rejoice as we watch a cat, presumably named Ziti, roam around the world (or living room) and live the good cat life in the frame of a psychedelic wonder world.  The song itself is an off-kilter, jangle-pop love song to Ziti, falling somewhere between surrealist play-land and bouncing kitty-pop. (Sometimes you need to make words up to describe a song.)  Watch the video below.