Sammus, "Cubicle"

Post Author: Andre G

Sammus’ career path has been a continuous example of the places cathartic work can take an artist. Her catalog is chockful of introspective narratives detailing the highs and lows of her life, and those stories have helped her inspire people all over the world–including the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where her Father is from.
Sammus chronicled her performances there and elsewhere in the visuals for “Cubicle,” a song featuring saxophonist Alex Attard. Sammus wrote the song after a rewarding experience at the 2015 Salaam Kivu International Film Festival in the Congo, where she led multiple workshops and performed for a throng of supporters. The track’s “you can do it” mantra is bolstered throughout the video with clips of Sammus performing all over–including her first performance in 2009–and enjoying life on the strength of music that continuously showcases her fearlessness.
Sammus says over e-mail that the video is a “thank you to everyone who’s pushed me to pursue my various callings and hopefully as an inspiration for those who are toying with the idea of following theirs.” “Cubicle” is a song from Pieces in Space, which is available for purchase here.