To You Mom, "Bow To The Limbo"

Post Author: Michael Brummett

To You Mom is an electronic Italian duo, closing in on the release of This Harmony in April.


To You Mom, the creation of Luca Lorenzi (vocals and keyboard) and Massimiliano Santoni (guitar, keyboard, electronic pads), wasn’t always meant to be an indefinite project. Finding its beginnings in 2011, the two had originally set out with the intention of simply creating one project — an EP — I am Ian. Following the EP, an ode to “Ian Coleman”, an imaginary astronaut, Luca and Massimiliano returned to their respective creative projects.
By the end of 2012, however, the two found themselves resurrecting To You Mom, both fresh off exits with their other artistic projects. Lorenzi and Santoni from this point set out to shape the sound into an ’emotionally electronic’ atmosphere paired with 90s melody.
You can find plenty of the duo’s past work on iTunes and Spotify.


“Bow To The Limbo” is heavy in reflection and has an enjoyably uncluttered artistic vision. Read deep enough into the work of Lorenzi and Santoni, and what you find is a dialogue on interpersonal relationships. Early on, To You Mom provides the narrative to the artistic journey we’ve been taken on: “it’s not a bad dream / it’s not a bad dream / this is reality”. It is no mistake that the child in the video is alone — aren’t we all alone in our own heads?
It may be unclear who Lorenzi and Santoni are addressing with “I know you want to / I know you want to”, but the “dark room” is that very place of sadness and aloneness. “Don’t want to let you down” brings in feelings of anticipated regret, or simply disappointment. Either way, this child, exploring this largely barren world of introspection, is looking for that “light”, swinging at emotions. Certainly, then, it makes sense that one has to “Bow To The Limbo” to come to terms with the complexity of our own emotions, which we’re so often unable to unpack neatly.


To You Mom is very active on their Facebook page, but you can check their own site out as well.